Leadership Team - The Leadership Team represents the people of the parish and provides the "framework" for collaborative, transparent, and inclusive parish operation and parishioner participation.


Finance Council - This is the committee that has the financial "pulse" of the parish! The Finance Committee represents the parish in making financial decisions on the community's behalf, has oversight responsibility for the parish budget, addresses shortfalls, partners with the Diocese in fiscal matters, and sensitively communicates financial concerns with the parishioners.


Parish Growth Committee - The Parish Growth Committee focuses on attracting guests and visitors to the parish and growing the numbers of registered and committed parishioners at St. James. Name Tag Sundays, Faith Formation luncheons and neighborhood outreach are just a few of the ways the Parish growth Committee "brands" St. James and gets the word out about just how wonderful this community is.


Fundraising Committee - Well, really folks, it is more like a FUN-raising committee. This is the team that dreams up and brings to life the St. James Festival, Music on Troost Concerts, Cinnamon Rolls Extravaganzas, Chili Daze, Brats & Beer, Silent Auctions, Raffles, and lots more!


Building and Grounds Committee -


Hospitality Committee -


Community Gardens Group -


Office Angles -

o   The unique spirit of St. James is evident in our Sunday Mass. Every time we celebrate the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, we celebrate God's love for us and for all especially the poor in Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Our Sunday Mass reflects the documents of Vatican II, relevant liturgical norms, and the very special identity of this community.