St. James Catholic Church was established in 1906 under the guidance of Msgr. John W. Keyes.  At that time, St. James was located on the southern border of Kansas City (39th Street).  Now, though the address remains the same, the church is in the heart of Midtown.  Over the course of the past 100+ years, the parish has seen many changes in its people, structures and the surrounding community.

“St. James Parish has experienced a history that is rich in grace and rich in challenge.  St. James has seen feast and famine: more parishioners than the church could seat and so few that it almost closed its doors; enough resources to provide abundant ministry and so little resources that it was on the brink of extinction.”

- Deacon Ross Beaudoin, Former Pastoral Administrator of St. James

“The history of the parish is inspirational and a testimony to the hard work and authentic faith of your predecessors.  St. James has been a place where clergy, religious and lay faithful have drawn strength from the Holy Eucharist and collaborated in the spread of the Gospel.”

- Most Reverend Robert W. Finn, Former Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph

“To my mind St. James is the parish that refused to die!  By all measurements of parish viability – location, population and income – St. James became a candidate for closure not once, but twice, in recent years.  But it survived and is currently undergoing a mini renaissance which, God willing, will usher in an even greater future.”

- Most Reverend Raymond J. Boland, DD, Former Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph