We, the people of the St. James community of faith, commit ourselves to building the Reign of God for all people, serving especially our neighbors in Midtown, Kansas City.


St. James Parish will be a vital Catholic Christian presence at the crossroads of Kansas City, meeting the spiritual needs of our members and impacting both the Midtown neighborhood and the larger community.  We will be a growing and diverse community where worship and sacramental life are joyful and vibrant; where people are empowered to live the Gospel;  and where, especially, the needs of the poor and disenfranchised are lovingly and humbly addressed.


 Our parishioners are diverse, hailing from 25 countries, speaking 15 languages, ranging in age from infancy to 100 years and having many other cultural, lifestyle and socio-economic differences. Yet we live and work as members of one family.


Top row: Palau, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Germany, Spain, Grenada, U. S., Italy, Mexico, Micronesia, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Holland


Bottom row: Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Trinidad & Tobago, Mother Earth, Tanzania, Dominica, Ireland,Togo


 Office Hours

Monday through Friday:
Sunday Mass


Reconciliation - by appointment
Baptism - contact parish office
Marriage - contact parish office 9 months in advance
Anointing of the Sick - by appointment


Contact Information

 St. James Catholic Church

3909 Harrison St
Kansas City, MO 64110
816.561.8512 phone
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