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“I am convinced that if we can make stewardship part of our faith life we can truly change the world. We can make this a much better place in which to live – not just for us, but for everyone. I am convinced of this because I am convinced that it will attack the selfishness that besets all of us. It turns the mine to ours; it turns self to others. It turns us from just loving ourselves to loving others as Jesus loves them.” –
The Late Bishop John J. McRaith, Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky

Online Giving

Stewardship is a challenge – a real challenge. It asks us to get to the “guts” of our choices and commitments we make in our lives. We may find that it helps us realize that we are already responding to God’s call by the many ways we contribute our time and talent and our money.   But then again, it may be challenging as we discover new ways we may be asked to consider or that God is calling us to consider. 

Here at St. James, there are so many ways that a parishioner can use their gifts and talents.  We are called to be Disciples of Christ through our Baptism and Confirmation and so many of our parishioners are living that call.  It’s amazing to see the many ways that our parishioners already give of their time, talent and service. 

Whether you’re serving in one of our outreach ministries or serving on Sunday morning in a liturgical ministry, check out our options for giving of your treasures.

There are many ways to Give

We give at St. James Catholic Church in KC

Cash or Parish Envelopes

Pay by check

Check by Mail

 One can write a check and either mail it to St. James or drop it in the collection basket.

Online bill pay for donation

Online Bill Pay

Online bill pay is set up through your bank. You give your bank the information for the account you have with the payee (in this case, St James Church) and the bank automatically pays them what is due each month from your checking or savings account.

You don’t need to give your routing number and account number to anyone because your bank initiates the transaction. That means your information is never provided to any third party and therefore isn’t at risk.

You choose the amount to pay and the date the payment is made. That way, you know when to expect that specific amount to be withdrawn from your account.

If you’re using a checking account to make the payments, set up an alert for before the date the payment is supposed to go through so you can be sure you have the funds available and avoid any overdraft charges.

Online Bill pay is an awesome way to give to St. James.  If you are gone on vacation or unable to come to church, the payment still goes through to St. James unless of course, you choose to stop it or pause it.  It gives St. James a better picture of their projected income. 


Online Giving –  A Secure & Convenient Way to Contribute to Your Parish

Online donations may be made at any time from the comfort of your own home or any place with internet access. Online donations are credited to your tax statement for the end of the year (except when made anonymously), and you can change your account preferences and donation amounts at any time. Benefits of Online Giving include:

  • No need to hassle with checks or cash
  • 24/7 web based access
  • Easily schedule recurring donations to coincide with your pay period
  • Credit card option allows you to take advantage of rewards such as air miles or cash bonuses
  • No need to share bank account information because you enter it directly into the Online Giving secure site
  • Allows you to give even if you are unable to attend parish services
  • Contribution amount is easily adjusted as needed
  • Option to remain anonymous

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Thanks to Chris Dewberry for providing photos on the website.