You have found us! Your seat is here waiting for you. St. James is a dynamic and warm Catholic community, located in the heart of Kansas City. We are glad you are here!

“Stand on the platform of an incoming subway train and you can feel the train get closer. Stop alongside a car with a blaring stereo and your car shakes with the sound. Listen to the summer cicada; the air pulsates with their deafening noise. Feel the pulsing of a roller coaster under your feet as it whips around the track. Vibrations indicate movement. Vibrations that beat and pulsate imply a pulse, and a pulse means life.” 

Denise Simeone, National Catholic Reporter, 10 signs of a vibrant parish

St. James Catholic Church is alive with that pulse.  It is felt and seen from within by its members and externally by those who know it by its works, ministries and reputation.  It is a close-knit parish that has been committed to serving people in midtown Kansas City for more than 100 years. St. James welcomes and serves unique families along with first-generation immigrants to Kansas City as can be seen and celebrated by our display of flags of home countries in our entranceway. Our vision is to continue to grow a diverse and inclusive community where worship and sacramental life can be accessible to all people in the Kansas City metro area. 

Our Mass is held every Sunday at 10:00 am and we gather every fifth Sunday for fellowship and a light lunch following Mass.  Look over our website.  You will get a glimpse of our life and ministry here at St. James.  But the best way is to come and spend some time with us.  Drop in for our 10:00 Sunday Mass. 

If you would like more information feel free to call our parish office at 816-561-8512 or email us.  It is our prayer that you will decide to journey with us in being a beacon of light and hope to each other and to those we serve.

A parish is not a priest, not a building, not a territory.   A parish is people…you and your neighbors…all the faithful who make up the Body of Christ.  Your parish is not just a Sunday meeting place, but a place where seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day you carry Christ to the world.

Our Parish

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity compels our hearts and doors to open wide to all who enter them.  Those same hearts and doors open outward to our own sacred corner of the city and beyond because we believe that the Gospel calls us to walk tirelessly for peace, social justice and in service to others.

Get Involved

We are a strong, compassionate, vibrant family and are rooted in the Lord through the Eucharist and each other.   We are the hands and face of the Lord to all whom we meet. 
There is something for everyone at St. James and your participation to serve others is both welcomed and encouraged!   Thank you for considering participation in one or more of our ministries. 

Our Patron Saint

James was given the nickname “the Less” so that he would not be confused with the other Apostle named James.  We believe that it means that he was younger than the other St. James, who was called “the Greater.” James the Less was the son of Alphaeus. His mother stood at the Cross with Mary on the day Jesus was crucified.

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“That is such a nuisance!” or is it?

Nuisances?  Surely not in this world we live in or the fact that we are in a pandemic!  Sit back and read our new blog post.  There will be a link on the Resource page of our website.  But for now we'll tease you by putting it right here so you can enjoy it. Click...

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ARISE to Evangelize: Awakening Faith Amid the Pandemic on August 6 at 1:00 CT.   ARISE Together in Christ is a parish-centered process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that invites people to develop a closer relationship with Christ, deepen their faith, grow in...

August 1 Garden Update

Squash lovers, I recommend that you keep an eye on the spaghetti squash as I think that the first ones will be ripe this weekend. The spaghetti squash are on the north side of the squash bed in the East Garden. Their leaves have three lobes. You know spaghetti squash...

Free Ring Door Bells

Free Ring Door Bells

Free Ring Door Bells. AdHoc is proud to partner with Ring, a company whose mission is to make neighborhoods safer, to support community safety in Kansas City and provide home security devices to local residents in neighborhoods impacted by violence.Together, AdHoc and...

St. James Catholic Church

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Due to Covid 19 – Please call the Parish office to learn protocol for Mass.  

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