Stories From Our Guest Book

St. James Guest Book

Our guest book is located on the cross aisle on the north side of the church. Each Sunday our guests are invited to sign the book with the promise of being remembered in our prayers. A few years ago the Parish Growth Committee started this practice recognizing that for a small parish we have a rather large number of visitors. On the occasion of inaugurating Volume II of the guest book parishioner Denise Simeone shared some interesting information about our guests:

Entries start around December 2011 and end at December 2019.

Visitors from over 60 cities and towns and suburbs across Kansas and Missouri have been listed from 25 states and 8 countries.


Sample of messages we have received

  • What a lovely welcome, what a welcoming parish
  • You have kept this facility in excellent condition
  • Happy 100th birthday
  • A wonderful; life-giving celebration
  • Great place you have here
  • Our church away from home – bless you all
  • Blessings, Many thanks, Merry Christmas, Till we meet again happy trails, Stay happy, Thank you, God bless you
  • Love this parish, love St James, we love you, love you so much, love you all, Love your church

February 5th, 2017  was a busy Sunday.  We had 59 people and groups from places like:

  • Students from Avila University, Marquette University, Sion, St. Teresa’s Academy
  • Rockhill Manor guests
  • Jesuit volunteers, Christian brother volunteers, other volunteer groups
  • Columnists
  • Chaplains
  • Sisters, brothers, deacons, priests, diocesan personnel
  • Parish and retreat groups

We have had people…

  • Who told us they are homeless
  • Who came for wedding, to visit relatives and friends
  • Who are grandparents, grandchildren parents, children, cousins
  • Former parishioners and family who told us:
  • I lived here 40 years ago and married here in 1986
  • My grandparents attended St James in 1924; my mom was baptized here
  • We three brothers grew up here
  • My father and his parents worshipped here
  • Groups of friends, travelers, who visit over and over or attend when in KC
  • Live right on our street
  • Who have become members
  • Who have died