Hello all!

This Sunday is the Second Sunday of Advent. I am very sorry to say that St. James will NOT again have a Live Streamed Mass this Sunday.

While other parishioners who contracted Covid-19 are getting  better  each  day,  I have become a carrier of the virus. I have tested negative three times, the latest was yesterday, but my wife, Jo, has tested positive and  our  youngest  daughter,  Leah, who came for Thanksgiving has tested positive Tuesday this week. I will not expose anybody to the virus.

Please look into the attachments:

  1. Garry shares his reflection for this Sunday.
  2. “The Resources for Advent 2020” will help us this Advent Season to prepare for the coming of Christ this
  3. Advent Retreat 2020: Welcome to this reflection resource from Denise Simeone and Sr. Cele
  4. Giving Tree Update

In a more somber note, Roshan Paiva’s father, Francis, passed away Thursday, December 3, his 100th birthday in Nashville, TN. His wife, Mano, preceded him on her journey to eternal life in 2014. Francis’ passing was expected over the past few days and it was peaceful and entirely uneventful.

Please stay healthy

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AdministratorBenedict L. Babaran

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Fr. Garry’s Reflectiion.pdf


Advent Retreat 2020 – Welcome to this reflection resource.pdf

Advent Handouts  in conjunction with Advent Retreat 2020

Cycle of Readings for Advent (in conjunction with the Advent Retreat)

Giving Tree Update.pdf