It is with a heavy heart that I give you the sad news that Phyllis McCarty’s husband,Roger, had a heart attack last Tuesday and passed away. May we keep Phyllis in our prayers as we pray for the eternal repose of Roger.

This Sunday is the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. To help us with Sunday’s readings, Deacon Ross shares with us his reflection. Please see attached file.

Here again are the LINKS for this Sunday:

1. For the LIVE Stream Mass at 10 AM, please click this link ST. JAMES
2. To access the recording of the Live Stream Mass, please click this link ST.
JAMES WEBSITE. Once on the website, scroll down until you see this
link RECORDING of Live Stream Mass. You may come back to this email on Sunday
at NOON to click this link.
3. Zoom Meeting after Mass at 11:30 AM – please click this link ST. JAMES ZOOM

If you want to attend Mass in person, please respond to this email or call the parish office
at 816-561-8512 to let me know. For the past two Sundays, there have been more than
thirty in person Mass attendees. St. James can accommodate more.

Attachments: (See updates at bottom of home page.)
1. Deacon Ross Beaudoin’s Reflection
2. Community Garden Update
Have a blessed weekend. Stay safe.