February 19, 2021

Winter storm update on families and seniors in Colonias Anapra and Poleo.

Dear Friends,

The severe winter of last week and early this week caused loss of electricity and water service throughout a good portion of Texas and northern Mexico. The particular challenges faced by people living in the colonias on the border in Mexico is that their living is much more vulnerable from the start. Houses in the colonia are made of concrete blocks or wooden pallets, a flat roof with tarpaper and no insulation.

This past Wednesday electricity began to be restored and yesterday water started to come back. Cell service is intermittent. Most factories and other places of employment were closed.

The Manos Amigas Core Team there is checking on the families and especially the seniors living alone. It’s hard to say right now what specific assistance may be needed in each situation. Some households may have used up all their supply of firewood or propane for heating. A few may need help to repair broken pipes or fix a tarpaper roof damaged by wind and snow. Some may need help with lost wages. The Core Team already is putting together food staples for those in need.

The Anapra Core Team will assess individual situations as quickly as possible. Some people here in KC have asked how they can help. Prayers, of course. Those who want to help financially may send donations to: Manos Amigas, 8426 Clint Dr. #352, Belton, MO 64012. Manos Amigas is a 501C3 non-profit organization made up of people working to assist those in need who live along the border in Mexico.

Thank you for your concern for our sisters and brothers at the border. We will keep you informed as we find out how things are progressing.

God bless all. Ross Beaudoin