The Epiphany—January 3, 2021
Cantor:  Lord, hear our prayer.

  • For the church: that it may be a sign of unity for all people in a world that has become increasingly polarized.  We pray,
  • For light among all who suffer in the darkness of the coronavirus: for the sick and frightened family members, besieged responders and caretakers, overwhelmed public servants.  We pray,
  • For the appropriate use of power to promote truth, the will of the people, the common good, and the needs of the most vulnerable. We pray,
  • For those who use power to subjugate the weak, the poor, and the disenfranchised; and for those who suffer at the hands of the powerful. We pray,
  • For light among all of us who are exhausted from the challenges of the past year, who may be held
    hostage by fear or doubt for the future. We pray
  • For all of us in this community, as we remain separated during this pandemic; for the sick—especially Ben Babaran, for the dying and the grieving among us; and for those who continue to need our ministries in this neighborhood and beyond. We pray
  • We pray now for our own concerns; and for the grace to be a light to those who remain in darkness (Pause). For all these things, we pray,