4th Sunday in Ordinary Time—January 31, 2021 

Cantor:  Lord, hear our prayer.

  • For the church in increasing political and pastoral disarray: that it may rediscover its identity in the ministry of Jesus.  We pray,
  • For all individuals, communities and institutions called to confront the dark forces of evil in violence, war, poverty, or inequality. We pray, 
  • For those who have separated Christianity from the call to minister to those in need, or who look to the Gospel for self-aggrandizement or personal prosperity. We pray, 
  • For those suffering from the dark forces of physical or mental illness, poverty or addiction, depression or despair; and for those who work to assist and heal them. We pray, 
  • For our nation, as we struggle with radically different views about our identity, our values and our priorities; and for those who must lead us through this struggle. We pray, 
  • For all of us in this community, as we remain separated during this pandemic; for the sick and lonely, the dying and the grieving among us; and for those depending on our ministries in this sacred corner of the city and beyond. We pray, 
  • We pray now for our own concerns; and for the ability to confront evil wherever we may find it (pause). For all these things, we pray,