Hello again!

This Sunday is the Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. There will be NO Mass in St. James this Sunday. Our sister parish in the north, St. James Liberty invites us to follow their Livestream on Sunday at 8 AM. If that is too early for you, you can just go to their Facebook page at your most convenient time by clicking this link: ST. JAMES LIBERTY FACEBOOK  then click on the recording of this Sunday’s livestream.

Fr. Garry and two more parishioners have tested positive while another is awaiting test results. If you experience Covid-like symptoms, please let the parish office know especially if you attended Mass last Sunday. Let us lift up in prayer St. James parishioners suffering from Coronavirus. By the way, Sr. Donna Ryan has also tested positive with the virus.

Please look into these attachments: Deacon Ross’ Reflection and Parishioners In Care Facilities Update.

Benedict L. Babaran
St. James Catholic Church
Parish Administrator

2 attachments
Deacon Ross’ Reflection
Parishioners in Care Facilities Update