Hello all!

This Sunday is the Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. It is also Labor Day Weekend. May we hold in prayer those who are working in unjust and unsafe conditions and those who lost their jobs during the pandemic. In addition, may we remind you that the parish office will be closed on Monday, September 7, 2020 in recognition of Labor Day.

Here are the LINKS for this Sunday:

  1. For the LIVE Stream Mass at 10 AM, please click this link ST. JAMES FACEBOOK PAGE.
  2. To access the recording of the Live Stream Mass, please click this link RECORDED LIVE STREAM MASS.
  3. Zoom Meeting after Mass at 11:30 AM – please click this link ST. JAMES ZOOM MEETING.

If you want to attend Mass in person, please respond to this email or call the parish office at 816-561-8512 to let me know.

Please make sure to access Fr. Garry’s Reflection and the Community Garden Update.

May you all have a peaceful and safe Labor Day Weekend.
Benedict L. Babaran
St. James Catholic Church
Parish Administrator

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