Hello all!

There is a lot of news to cover:

  1. Rose McLarney needs our prayers for a speedy recovery from her injuries. She had a bad fall down the stairs.
  2. Bishop Johnston has given us the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation of our 7 Confirmandi at St. James. Please see attached Letter from Bishop Confirmation is scheduled for November 1 at the 10 AM Mass.
  3. There are stories of parishioners that you need to check out on the website. Please see attached
  4. On November 6, Deanery 1 churches are inviting you to PRAY FOR Details will be decided at the deanery meeting this week. We will get that information to you as soon as possible.
  5. A Fiscal Year 2020-2021 First Quarter Update is

This Sunday is the Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Here are the LINKS for this Sunday:

  1. For the LIVE Stream Mass at 10 AM, please click this link JAMES FACEBOOK PAGE.
  2. To access the recording of the Live Stream Mass, please click this link RECORDED LIVE STREAM MASS.
  3. This Sunday, there will be NO Zoom Meeting after

If you want to attend Mass in person, please respond to this email or call the parish office at 816-561-8512 to let me know.

Please look into the following attachments: Ben’s Reflection, Bishop Johnston’s Letter, Community Garden Update, Stories On St. James Website and Fiscal Quarter Update

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 Ben’s Reflection

Letter from Bishop Johnston.pdf

Community Garden Update.pdf

What’s new on the St. James Website.pdf

Fiscal Quarter Update.pdf