The Garden Gang is digging sweet potatoes on Saturday, October 17. We will start at 9:30 if you want to join us. Those of you who want to beat the rush get out there this week and get to digging.

On another note, we have moved into the season where tomatoes are slow to ripen but that means they are great for your favorite green tomato recipe.

This week in the garden we have the following ready for picking:

South Garden

Beds 1 (west end), 4, and 5: Peppers (Hot and Sweet) Beds 6,7, and 8: Tomatoes

Bed 10: Eggplant

Beds 2: Collards.

Beds 2,3, 16, and 17: Kale.

Trellis at the north end of Bed 14: Bitter Melon Bed 14 and 15: Sweet Potatoes

Bed 18: Swiss Chard

Along the Edges of Many of the Beds: Green Onions.

East Garden

1st bed from the Church – Green Beans.

2nd bed from the Church – Lettuce and Beets.

Spread Throughout the Squash Bed – Butternut Squash