Dear Friends, we are getting closer to solid arrangements for receiving a bus of Immigrants seeking
asylum. The proposed date for the arrival from El Paso is December 12 (that also happens to be the
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!). There will be 50 people on the bus. We understand that most of the
people are families. (How wonderful that they can leave Immigration detention and we can help them
with their needs and get them on their way to family or friends before Christmas!)
A location for lodging has been identified and will be announced as soon as we have final arrangements.
This ministry is “community based” and is called “KC WELCOME ALLIANCE.” People from different faiths
are offering to be involved and help. We of St. James have offered to help in many ways. Thank you for
offering your help. Bill Cordaro and I will be getting the different TEAMS together very soon. If you have
not indicated your interest in being part of this special ministry, sign-up sheets are at the entrance and
south door. Thank you!
“60 Minutes” with Anderson Cooper had a very good segment last Sunday, November 6, on the buses
coming from the border. It is available on You Tube: