Liturgy Committee Meeting
April 21, 2021

Members Present:  Anne Carlson, Denise Simeone, Ben Barbaran, Garry Richmeier, Bob Anderson

We met via zoom.

We began with a discussion of comments about the numbers attending mass – especially the Sunday after Easter when we had 5 baptisms and a 1st communion.  Only Ben had heard criticism.  We’ll try to spread out these celebrations in the future so there’s not so big a crowd.  When the rule is 50%, we can be at 130.

We discussed how Holy Week had gone.  Everyone thought it went well.

We discussed starting collections again at mass.  To do this we’d have to have at least 4 to do this.  With the present configuration of people in every other pew, we’d have to have one usher in each aisle to take the baskets and hand them back to the row behind which had parishioners.  It was suggested that an email be sent out asking for people who are comfortable coming to mass and passing the baskets.  The offertory process following would be wine (in a stoppered cruet), a ciborium with a lid on it, and the basket with the gifts in it.

There are a choice of readings for Ascension and Pentecost.  Garry prefers using Eph. 4: 1-7 & 11 – 13 for the 2nd reading on Ascension and 1 Cor. 12: 3b – 7 & 12 – 13 for the 2nd reading on Pentecost and John 20: 19 – 20 for the gospel on Pentecost.

We liked having the response on Pentecost done in different languages.  Bob will be in charge of getting different parishioners to do this.  Sharon Wallace will also do sign language as one of the languages.

We will have sequences on Pentecost and Corpus Christi.  Robert will decide on which music to use for these.

We had talked about doing remembrances of things lost during the pamdemic:  family members, friends, livelihoods, homes, memories.  It was decided to create a candle grotto-esque space for candles, etc.  In May, around Memorial Day (Sunday, May 30th) we’ll remember lives especially – using the Prayers of the Faithful to emphasize this.  In August, students and teachers returning to school after two very disrupted years will be featured.  In September, around Labor Day (Sunday, Sept. 5th) we’ll concentrate on livelihoods and homes.

Denise asked about the resumption of the Coffee Hour.  The Leadership Team has not met so Bob hasn’t been able to bring the need to have someone from the Leadership Team for these to the group.  He’ll ask about the next meeting.

There was also a question about the church having any outside gathering – maybe not a meal, but individual snacks could be shared.

We plan to meet again on August 18th.