St. James had 7 young parishioners confirmed yesterday.  Here are 7 teens that are part of the future of St. James.  We wished them well; we prayed with them, we prayed over them.  Chris Dewberry in her comments explained the Multi-Generational Relationship Building Project.  And even though this sounds heavy, she assured us it was a simple path to building relationships.  Chris explained to us that it was a communication project since the traditional service projects got scrapped due to Covid-19.  The teenagers were to call a parishioner of the older generation and just “chit chat”.

They also were to find out about their experiences with Confirmation and choosing a saint name.  Here is what is neat:  in pairing the teens with the older parishioners that meant that Chris had to call some parishioners.  She said in her announcement that she had an immediate 100% agreement to participate.  So congratulations and a big thank you to:  Bob and Connie Anderson, Ross Beaudoin, Lewis Diuguid, Pat Marrin and Nancy and Bill Moylan!!  Wouldn’t you love to know what they chit-chatted about???

The teens’ confirmation stories are posted on the website – Go to Our Stories tab.  Please leave comments.  That is such an easy way to show support for these young people.

Below are some pictures of the confirmandis (with masks), their sponsors and their communication partners.  If anyone else took some pictures and would be willing to share them, please send them to

Many thank you’s were mentioned:   Ben and Fr Mike for sending a letter to the Bishop asking for Confirmation to be here at St. James, Fr. Garry  for confirming our teens, the phone pals, the sponsors and Bonnie Haghirian for being a catechetical mentor.   One thank you was missed.  And that was a big thank you to Chris herself.  Her countless hours, flexibility, patience, photography, creativity and “God only knows what else.”


Congratulations to Christopher, Charlie, Leo, Lidakika, Xarypro, Marialuna and Xadriel.