“Service is what prayer looks like when it gets up off its
knees and walks around in the world.” ~Fr. Michael J. Graham, SJ

Leadership Team
The Leadership Team represents the people of the parish and provides the “framework” for collaborative, transparent, and inclusive parishioner participation. The LT meets regularly to review plans, update projects, and address issues and concerns of the parish.  Contact: Dan Nash

Finance Committee

This is the committee that has the financial “pulse” of the parish! The Finance Committee represents the parish in making financial decisions on their behalf; has oversight responsibility for the parish budget; addresses shortfalls, partners with the Diocese in fiscal matters, and communicates financial updates to the parishioners.  Please click here if you have questions about Parish finances.

Parish Growth Committee
Contact: Denise Simeone or Martha Belker
Parish Growth’s mission is to grow the St. James parish community over the next three years (2023 to 2025) in a way that each visitor and guest feels welcomed and is offered the opportunity to become involved in the parish community and its ministries and activities and to potentially become a registered member.  The committee wants to help St. James parish members feel a sense of community. St. James is a community of choice, and our membership is diverse and comes from a wide geographical base. Parish Growth focuses on enhancing relationships of those who choose us a faith community, while also welcoming new members.  Learn more about these and other initiatives sponsored by the Community Growth Committee:

  • Dinner for 8.  In the spirit of building community and getting to know each other better, during selected weeks throughout the year we invite members to get together for a meal and conversation at the homes of volunteer hosts. These gatherings typically  include around 8 people per gathering.  
  • Circle of 8.  With the goal of staying connected,  we are organizing our larger community into smaller communities of 8 people. Each Circle decides on its own how it wants to meet and support one another. In this way, we can remain as family during times when we are not together at Mass. 
  • Name Tags. It started as a once-a-month initiative that is now a regular practice. Every Sunday, people who come to Mass are invited to wear a name tag that allows us to know each other by name.
  • From Diversity to Inclusion. Our parish is very diverse in its racial and ethnic composition. But we know that it is not enough to merely be diverse:  we must also be inclusive. It is the Parish Growth Committee’s role to support the purposeful commitment of the whole community to be more inclusive, racially just and equitable in the way we govern, finance, pray, and operate our parish.

Fundraising Committee
Contact: Mary Vincent, Fundraising Committee Chair
Led and staffed by volunteers, this is the team that dreams up and brings to life the St. James Festival, Music on Troost Concerts, Cinnamon Rolls Extravaganzas, Chili Daze, Silent Auctions, Raffles, and lots more!

Building and Grounds Committee
Contact: Chris Zaroor, Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair
This is the group that takes care of the upkeep of the century-old church and out-buildings of St. James and makes sure the grounds look beautiful.

Office Angels
Contact: Ben Babaran, Parish Administrator
These are the volunteers who staff the parish office in daily and hourly shifts, and help to answer the phone, research and respond requests for assistance, greet callers at the front door, handle the mail, edit and produce the weekly bulletin and announcements, maintain the parish calendar and database, and stuff and mail the St. James newsletter to parishioners and friends far and near.

Website Contact
Contact: Martha Belker
Martha is the person to contact to edit any contact information, report bad links, to promote an event, or make any changes to the website.