This past Saturday there was a gathering of folks concerned about Violence in our City.  The retreat was held at St Francis Xavier Catholic Church where outside there is a very prominent display of white crosses representing all those who were killed by violence in our streets.

We heard from Rosilyn Temple who is the founder and director of KC Mothers in Charge.  Reverend Jacqueline McCall, Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Ministries for St. James, United Methodist Church.
And finally we heard from Johnny Waller, Clear My Record Expungement Project Manager, UMKC School of Law
And finally we heard from ourselves, folks like you and me, with the opportunity to share concerns, ask questions and to see what the Path Forward is to be.

Following was a very moving prayer service and commissioning outside by the “Cross Garden.”  The names of all the victims this year were read and remembered.

I wish more of us were able to attend.  It was a Saturday morning that I wanted and thought important to share with you.   St Francis Xavier gave me permission to copy their program.  The links to the presenters, a copy of the Daily Homicide Analysis dated June 2, 2023 and a prayer service are all included.  Please feel free to connect with the presenters:  they have so many ways that we can easily use to help the cause.  Also please feel free to gather some folks, maybe neighbors, church members, club members, fellow employees and family members.  I was reading a book that contained an excerpt from a woman who was feeling so troubled with the riots and violence that was being reported on the news.  So she decided to ring her neighbors’ doorbells and told them how distressed she was.  She told them that we needed compassion and love.  She asked if they would like to join her at 9pm when it is dark and social distance outside her home with a lighted candle.  The end result:  Many neighbors introduced themselves to each other and many thanked her for doing this.   Trust overcame fear.  When fear lessens, peace grows.

Links or Attachments

Gun Violence in the City Prayer Service 1 (1).pdf      (the report that was distributed was for 6/6)