Today is ASH WEDNESDAY. You are invited to join us for the Liturgy of the Word and Distribution of Ashes at 8 AM via the St. James Facebook page:
The winter storm that brought frigid temperatures in the Metropolitan Kansas City has affected relatives and friends here and in other states. That unusual winter storm affected most of Texas and Northern  Mexico.Today, the effects of that storm are still being experienced.  In the Juarez area, disruption and hardship are widespread.
The colonias of Anapra and Poleo, where families and seniors are assisted by St. James parishioners and others through Manos Amigas, have NO water, NO electricity or gasoline.  Everyone there is struggling.  One family reports that a father and children are collecting snow to melt so that they can use the bathroom. On top of that, the factories are closed. Thus, there is NO income…. Families with children and seniors living alone are especially hurting.
As we start the season of Lent, may we pray, fast or abstain for those who are going through a difficult time due to these winter storms and the pandemic.
Thank you!
Deacon Ross and Ben