This Sunday is the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. I am sharing a reflection to help with the Sunday readings. Please see attached file.

There is a slight change with the LINKS for this Sunday’s activities. There is a new  St.James website that is under construction. This weekend, the STJKC.ORG is NOT accessible. Thus, there will be no recording of the Live Stream Mass available in that address. Neither will there be Mass Hymns available.

So, here are the LINKS for this Sunday:

1. For the LIVE Stream Mass at 10 AM, please click this link ST. JAMES
2. To access the recording of the Live Stream Mass, please go back to the above FaceBook link.
3. Zoom Meeting after Mass at 11:30 AM – please click this link ST. JAMES ZOOM MEETING.

If you want to attend Mass in person, please respond to this email or call the parish office at 816-561-8512 to let me know. Last Sunday, there were around forty of us who attended Mass in person. St. James can accommodate more.

You will also find attached the Missouri Catholic Conference’s support for Amendment 2 on August 4, 2020.

1. Ben’s Reflection
2. Medicaid Expansion Missouri Amendment 2
3. Community Garden Update
Stay safe. Stay cool.