Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 6:06 PM

Hello all!

This Sunday is the Solemnity of All Saints. Our Table of Remembrance is up. If you want to send memorabilia or a photo of your deceased loved one, please send it to  the parish office or scan the photo to

Seven St. James teens will be confirmed this Sunday. Please look into the process they went through in the attached file. Let us keep them in our prayers.

Here are the LINKS for this Sunday:

  1. For the LIVE Stream Mass at 10 AM, please click this link JAMES FACEBOOK PAGE.
  2. To access the recording of the Live Stream Mass, please click this link RECORDED LIVE STREAM MASS.
  3. This Sunday, there will be NO Zoom Meeting after

With the number of parishioners attending Sunday’s Mass due to the Confirmation,  it is important that if you want to attend Mass in person, please respond to this   email or call the parish office at 816-561-8512 to let me know. THERE IS LIMITED SPACE!!

It is with sadness and disappointment that I inform you of the demise of the   ANGEL IN THE GARDEN. The angel statue which guarded the cloister garden for 80+ years has been toppled by vandals last Tuesday night. Please see attached file.

Tuesday, November 3 is Election Day. If you have not voted yet and need a ride to the polls, please give the parish office a call.

Friday, November 6 at 3 PM is our PRAYER FOR UNITY AND PEACE. See attached flyer.

Circle of Grace for children in 6th through 8th grade will be held on November 8th  at 11:30 am via Zoom. The Circle of Grace is a safe environment curriculum   required by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph for all children. See the attached parent letter from the diocese. Children that attend Catholic schools receive these lessons at school.      Please email Chris Dewberry at for the zoom link for your child to attend virtually. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to email Chris Dewberry.

The following attachments are: Fr. Garry’s Reflection, Confirmation for St. James Teens, Circle of Grace, Prayer for Unity & Peace and the Angel in the Garden.

Benedict L. Babaran
St. James Catholic Church Parish Administrator


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