Here is a reminder that the Garden Gang is digging sweet potatoes on Saturday,
October 17. We will start at 9:30 if you want to join us. Wear a mask and bring
gloves and digging implements if you want.

This week in the garden we have the following ready for picking:
South Garden
Beds 1 (west end), 4, and 5: Peppers (Hot and Sweet)
Beds 6,7, and 8: Tomatoes
Bed 10: Eggplant
Beds 2: Collards.
Beds 2,3, 16, and 17: Kale.
Trellis at the north end of Bed 14: Bitter Melon
Bed 14 and 15: Sweet Potatoes
Bed 18: Swiss Chard
Along the Edges of Many of the Beds: Green Onions.
East Garden
1st bed from the Church – Green Beans.
2nd bed from the Church – Lettuce and Beets.
Spread Throughout the Squash Bed – Butternut Squash