The St. James Gardens are really benefiting from the recent rains. Garlic and onions have been picked and are curing in the shed. Cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen so take a peek and pick them when they are pink (to stay ahead of the squirrels and other critters). The current bushes are full of berries; pick them when they start to turn a sapphirish blue color (again to stay ahead of the critters) and they will darken in a dish at home. They taste pretty bitter when they are still red, so wait till they are nearly black.

Blackberries do not ripen at home so grab them when they turned dark. We really have to beat the birds on this bush.
We will be weeding and checking potatoes this Saturday starting at 9:30. Come join us, get a little bit of fun, conversation and a little exercise.

These things are ready to pick this week
East Garden
South Garden
Bed 6-7 – Swiss Chard, turnip greens and mustard greens
Raised Bed along Troost 39 – Clove Currants
South Raised Bed – Blackberries