St. James Christmas Giving Tree and Anapra Heating Oil

Our annual giving tree looks different this year, but the basics are the same. We will be partnering again with Bishop Sullivan Center to provide gifts for children in need in the KCMO area this Christmas. We have 24 children this year, boys and girls, who are in need of someone to buy gifts for them. All information about your giving tree child will be sent via email as well as drop off appointments and other details.

To keep everyone safe, gift drop-off will be by appointment only, which will be coordinated with Marcus. This is to ensure traffic through the building is at a minimum in order to protect the health of all those buying gifts and receiving gifts. Appointments will be on Sundays, Dec 6th and Dec 13th. We are making a hard deadline of December 13th this year in time for Bishop Sullivan Center to distribute to the families for their Christmases.

If interested, please call or email Marcus via (715) 456-2492 or

We will also be making gifts of heating oil to Anapra, Mexico via our partnership with Manos Amigas over the holiday season. Anapra is an exurban community in the area of Juarez. Winter there can be challenging, as many residents live in poverty and have a hard time getting oil to heat their homes during the colder months.

Suggested donations are $50, but any amount is appreciated.

Please make checks to St. James, and write ‘Anapra Heating Oil’ in the memo line.