This Sunday is the Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time. May I share with you my reflection (attached)?

This Sunday’s Mass will be livestreamed. Please join us remotely for the Mass by clicking on this link:
Facebook Page of St. James Midtown KC.

St. James Church can accommodate 100 in-person attendees following the guidelines of the city and the diocese. For the past Sundays, in-person attendance averaged 30 attendees. If you want to attend the Mass in person, please respond to this email or call the parish office at 816-561-8512.


  1. James Church has a new Post Office Box address:

St. James Catholic Church
P.O. Box 30388
Kansas City, MO 64112

  1. Jeanne Huebner’s Funeral Mass will be on February 6, 2021 at 11 There will be a Visitation from 10:30-11:00 AM. It will be livestreamed via Facebook. Please use this link: Facebook Page of St. James Midtown KC. To access Jeanne’s Obituary – Notice of Death and Service Information, click this link: pid=197586748.
  2. This Sunday, Brent Lockee and Marcela de la Torre’s daughter, Liliana, will be baptized during Mass.


To know and participate in the events at St. James or Midtown KC, please see attached files.

Benedict L. Babaran
St. James Catholic Church Parish Administrator

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Community Garden Needs Your Help

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Youth Group Needs Your Help
Covid-19 Vaccine Availability

White History Month – A Time for Truth-telling
Note the change in dates from the gmail blast

Contemporary Spirituality invites you to join us for “White History Month: A Time for Truth Telling.” February has traditionally been Black History Month, often a time of recognizing a handful of noteworthy Blacks. It has been said that “history is the lie agreed upon,” and this February seems like the time to tell the truth about our country’s history of white supremacy and racism. We will gather via Zoom at 6 PM on Wednesday, February 10, Tuesday, Feb 16 and Wednesday Feb 24 to view videos which will leave us far better informed about the often-untold truths of American history.

February 10th, 2021: White History Month: Lynchings and Massacres
February 16th, 2021: White History Month: Voting Rights/Voter Suppression
February 24th, 2021: White History Month: Housing Discrimination/Racial Wealth Gap