Intercessions Christ the King—November 22, 2020

  • For all of us in the church, who will be judged on our care for the least among us. We pray
  • For all in leadership at every level, who are—or should be– responsible for the welfare of others. We pray,
  • For those who feel no responsibility for the wellbeing of those in need…who demean those on welfare, on the streets, imprisoned. We pray,
  • For those working to protect us from the Covid virus…from health experts, to professionals on the scene, to our vigilant neighbors; and for all who suffer from Covid. We pray,
  • For those who deny the danger among us, who refuse to participate in or legislate preventive action. We pray,
  • For a deepened awareness of those who are hungry, thirsty, homeless or alone, as we celebrate Thanksgiving. We pray,
  • For those in this community whose needs have been overlooked or are unknown as we remain separated during this pandemic; for the sick, the dying and the grieving; and for those deemed “the least” that we seek to sere through our parish ministries. We pray,
  • We pray now for our own concerns; and for the grace to serve others in this difficult, polarized time (Pause). For all these things, we pray,