Intercessions   The Holy Family—December 27, 2020

Cantor:  Lord, hear our prayer.

  • For the church: That it may be a wise and compassionate guide and advocate for families of every configuration.  Let us pray,
  • For all families throughout the world suffering from violence, injustice, or a lack of resources. Let us pray,
  • For families struggling to be loving and faithful in the midst of daily challenges, especially during this time of Covid and its economic fallout. Let us pray,
  • For national policies and funding that recognize and support all families and their needs. Let us pray,
  • For families separated by distance, issues of faith, politics or differing beliefs and viewpoints. Let us pray,
  • For children in need of foster care or adoption and those who choose to parent them. Let us pray,
  • For all of us in this community, as we remain separated during this pandemic; for the sick, the dying and the grieving among us; and for those who deeply need our ministries in these difficult times. Let us pray,
  • We pray now for our own concerns; and for the grace to love and forgive our own family members. (Pause). For all these things, we pray,