Fourth Sunday of Lent—March 14, 2021

 Cantor:  Lord, hear our prayer. 

  • For the whole church: That we may be a merciful people with deep gratitude for God’s ongoing, gracious mercy toward us. We pray,
  • For those Christians unwilling or unable to share God’s loving mercy toward others, especially those deemed unworthy. We pray,
  • For those who have not experienced mercy, or whose suffering has caused them to lose hope in God’s mercy or in mercy of any kind. We pray,
  • For those who view acts of mercy as weakness—who resist showing mercy through law, politics, religion, or any charitable acts. We pray,

  • For those of us who are too arrogant to think we need God’s mercy or the call to conversion. We pray,
  • For this community as we remain separated from one another; for all among us who are suffering in any way; and for those who need God’s mercy demonstrated through our parish ministries wherever we exercise them. We pray,
  • We recall now our own needs; and pray that God will heal us when we are arrogant, prod us when we are forgetful, and show us how to extend mercy to others. (pause). For all these things, we pray,