Our next Anger Management class called ReThink Conflict starts on June 8th. There will be a 10am virtual class as well as 5pm in person class that starts on the same day and goes for 7 weeks.

On June 25th, our next Neighborhood Accountability Board training will take place. Are you interested in understanding more about Restorative Justice and how it could be implemented in your community as a way to address harm/crime? Find ways to give back to your community by attending our NABs, which include cases referred by Municipal Court. Your role as a community member is vital as we address harm and connect core participants to resources. Flyer attached.

Deborah Bayless, MA
Center for Conflict Resolution
6285 The Paseo Blvd
Kansas City, MO  64110
816-461-8222 (fax)

Website: www.ccrkc.org

Sr Rose McLarney

Attachment:   Neighborhood Accountability Board Training Flyer