since we’re back in the game I’m going to ask us to do something a little different for the Lord’s prayer today

I’m going to ask you to leave your pews and go to the side walls so that we can

form an entire circle around the church as we join hands those who feel like

joining hands but you don’t have to join hands but those who are mobile if you can make your way to the side walls some

of you in the choir could come up here around the altar because it was the altar in Christ in the center of our

Circle for Christ is the center of our lives and damn you’re going to come up here so

that we’re not making a circle there but we’re encircling the altar do you see the importance of that yeah so we’ll

come on up around here and ask the Lord God to have the circle of love

the circle of life the circle of faith and this circle of prayer that we are

encircled by that spirit of God and as we offer the words that Jesus

taught us to pray Our Father who art